A Committed Group

Editor in support of Unicef

When you become successful, it is important to think of others and take action alongside those who help them. Which is why we have proudly supported Unicef for the design and production of its greetings cards since 2014. We are proud of this partnership, as it enables Unicef to boost sales of its cards and thus finance projects that make a difference. 

All committed to the environment

The environment is everyone’s responsibility! Starting with us. We have committed to production Made in France and in line with environmental standards. The paper that we use is all from sustainable managed forests and our ink is 100% recyclable.

Since July 2010, our production sites are certified:

  • PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification)
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
  • OFG (Origine France Garantie – French Origin Guaranteed)

We take action for local development

When we move somewhere, we arrive with our boxes, our great ambitions and our job offers! We believe it is essential to associate local talents with our projects and create an environment that benefits everyone, our group and the region that welcomes us.