Our advice for your application

At Editor, we love discovering new talent and even more so when the feeling is mutual!

So to give your application the best chances, here are a few important pieces of advice:

Take your time!

Carefully read and analyse the ads before you answer. A successful application is an application that highlights your skills and experiences depending on the offer. In other words, get rid of your generic CV and cover letter! We weren’t born yesterday, we notice them right away!

Get noticed!

Your CV has to stand out from the rest, especially as competition is sometimes very tough. Our advice: write a structured CV that is easy to read and that sells you well! And if you decide to add a photo, think about getting one done especially for your CV.

Always ready!

Even before we contact you, you’ll have to study. Remember all of the offers you have applied for and find out about the desired company. The idea is to be ready when you are contacted. You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

It over to you!

An interview requires preparation! Don’t leave anything to chance.

On the big day, come smartly dressed, with your CV, a notepad and loads of questions. We like curious applicants!

During the interview, structure what you say. You will score points by providing us with precise examples of your experience. We are curious too!

And last but not least, remember to conclude. An interview is like a match, everything is to play for up until the last minute.