Recruitment Process

You want to join us?
That's great news!

The recruitment of our future employees is led by our Recruitment Manager in close collaboration with management.

There are 5 stages. Are you ready?

  1. Apply online
    By submitting your application online, you can be sure that it will reach the Group’s Human Resources Department. It’s a good start!

  2. Review of your application
    We carefully review every part of your application: training, experience, career plan, motivation… If it matches a profile we are looking for, it is sent to the operational managers for an in-depth review.
    If it interests us but does not correspond to one of the available positions, we will keep it with your permission. You never know!
    And if we do not contact you within 3 to 4 weeks, your application probably has not been successful. That can happen, but we are sure that you will find the right place for you.
  3. Screening interview
    This is where it starts to get interesting! Face to face or over the phone, the screening interview helps us assess the potential of your application. Over an hour, you can tell us about your experience in more detail and ask us all the questions you like about the position at our group.
  4. The meeting with your future line manager
    You’re almost there! After a triumphant telephone interview, you meet the operational manager in question. There are no trick questions in store, just role-play situations to see your skills in action and get to know you better.
    For example:
    – Sales role-play and tests for sales reps
    – Clipping and integration using Photoshop templates for Web integrators
    – Reporting spreadsheets for Comptrollers
    – And for everyone, personality tests
  5. The meeting with our director
    It’s the home stretch! You have been invited to meet the COO or even the CEO. Objective of the meeting: presenting you our business lines, our values and the great projects we are preparing for the years to come. If everything goes well, you will leave with a great job and an idea of the key role you will play in our team!