5 Reasons to Join Us

1.   To infinity, and beyond!

At Editor, we know no bounds. With a presence in 5 countries and every distribution channel, our savoir-faire is widely recognised and appreciated in Europe. And we don’t intend to stop there! We are aiming for 20 to 30% growth by 2020 by continuing to innovate in products, especially for digital and mobile. And with your help, if you decide to join us!

2.   For a digital revolution!

Printing is in crisis? Nobody sends cards anymore? Not at all! Editor is proof that new technologies have not killed off paper. They even increase its value. Now more than ever, physical cards represent a special attention. Not forgetting that digital technology helps us to innovate on a daily basis, to reinvent and enrich our business lines: printing photos online or on-the-spot, web-to-print mobile apps and websites, 3D printing…

3.   To climb onto the podium!

At Editor, we’re only interested in success if we can share it! Whether you’re in sales or design, we will do everything we can to provide you with opportunities to grow throughout your career. For you, it’s the recognition of your commitment and an opportunity to acquire substantial expertise. For us, it’s the chance to retain talented employees and involve you fully in our success.

4.   To make the world a better place!

We don’t know about you, but for us, it is out of the question to work in a company that we are not 100% proud of. The reason we like our business so much is that every day we make thousands of people happy. And because we wanted to do more, we have been helping Unicef since 2014 to produce and distribute greetings cards that fund humanitarian operations. And of course, we very quickly integrated every environmental standard into our production methods.

5.   To be part of a huge family!

At Editor, we are a big group, but that’s not all… We are first and foremost one big family that has managed to retain authentic and entrepreneurial values! It is essential to keep this proximity between us and a team spirit, especially as we are growing so fast. To achieve this, there is no secret. We chose flexible and close organisation, underpinned by the strength of a solid group.