Up and at ’em!

At Editor, we are a leader in our markets and we have every intention of staying there! We are counting on you to arm yourself with your biggest smile, your most effective arguments and an unmatched thirst to succeed to win new contracts and spark great collaborations.

Hand in hand

Once you have won the customers, the game has just begun. Oh yes! Earning the loyalty of our customers is one of Editor’s priorities. With your sound advice, you will support them daily to develop their activity and create strong and long-lasting relationships.

At your side

Does the task seem difficult? Of course we won’t leave you in the lurch. For your mission, if you accept if, you can count on an offer bursting with new products and a well-oiled sales policy.  Our reputation and our logistics tools will also be your greatest allies and we know a thing or two about it… We have been in the business for 40 years!

You will know everything

We are aware that it’s not always easy to imagine yourself in a company. So we gave our sales team a chance to speak and tell you their experiences directly. See below!