Our Values


At Editor, we don’t all do the same job but we do all have one thing in common: we love our work and we like to do it well! In the morning, we get up with the same desire, the same high standards for quality. We then combine our individual energy to boost the group’s performance. It’s as easy as that!

Winning spirit

We may be 40 years’ old, but at Editor we start every day as if it were the first. A spirit of adventure that makes us stronger and also makes us unique. Knowing how to constantly reinvent ourselves, keeping an eye out for new projects, innovations and markets. We put forward ideas and we dare.


It’s at the heart of our offer, we sell creativity. Creative people come up with our collections obviously. But creative people also support our customers and find new services to encourage loyalty and satisfy them. And creative people help us reinvent our company and design new projects.


Our group, Editor, is built on encounters. At every step in its construction, every time the team has grown it has been because we share the same desire, the same taste for entrepreneurship and this little extra spark with everyone that joins us.